Google Play App Store generated $11.2B revenue in 2019


For the first time since its development, the amount of generated revenue from the mobile app of Google Play Store has been revealed. Thanks to the UK lawsuit that discloses the revenue amount from the Alphabet holding. According to the lawsuit from the UK, the IT giant revealed in the hearings that it has generated $11.2 billion in terms of revenue in 2019 alone. Isn’t this surprising, because that’s an enormous amount?

The revenue gathered comes from the following sources:

  • sales of mobile apps
  • in-app purchases
  • app store advertisement

Every single developer that uses this platform to present its apps is unhappy with Google’s cut.

Attorneys general, some top-notch mobile app developers, including Epic Games, and several others claimed that the amount of cut that Alphabet Inc’s company is taking is not acceptable. As a result, all of them have sued the Play Store–Android market.

As a reminder, Google takes 30 percent profit from every single digital product or app sold on its platform. That’s more than enough.

The search engine giant claimed that the alternatives to the Google Play app store aren’t workable, sometimes blocked, authentic, and don’t have verified payment methods. Therefore, the developers of different apps can’t risk their services in the wrong hands.

Moreover, a filing from the Epic Games against the Android App market or platform is nearly on the verge of its completion. The Alphabet-owned company could lose almost $1.1 billion in its annual profit, which is possible if the game-developing foundation wins the lawsuit.

Apart from the UK government, several USA states had also filed charges of antitrust against the search engine giant. The filings were against the policies from the Android owner which govern the Play Store.

This isn’t the first time that the search engine company has facing alleged charges against its App Store. There’re many incidents in the past we’ve witnessed that alleged against Google, but in the end, both the parties settle down due to some unknown reasons.