Sometimes, you just want to say something without worrying about it being saved. That’s why Facebook Messenger just added a new feature, Vanish mode.  It lets you send messages that disappear after they have been seen and when the chat is closed. 

The best part of this feature? It’ll be simple for you – messages automatically delete once viewed by your friend or group chat members, but not before that moment! A simple swipe will activate it so there’s no need to worry about your message sticking around!

What is Vanish mode

The Messenger app on your phone has a special feature called “Vanish Mode” that allows you to send short messages to anyone in an active chat. These messages disappear after they are read, which is great for sending quick one-time texts without filling up the entire conversation thread.

Vanish Mode chat messages will be included in the report for up to an hour after you’ve seen them. If your friend or yourself takes a screenshot of this, both users are alerted and if you want to report it any Vanish Mode messages will be added into that as well.

Steps to use Vanish Mode

  • To activate the vanish mode, you’ll need to start a one-on-one conversation with someone through Facebook Messenger.
  • Drag your finger from the bottom of the screen up. The phone should say that you are using Vanish Mode now! Keep dragging until a circle is filled in completely.
  • You will be greeted with a pop-up that introduces you to the new feature and explains how it works. Afterward, your current chat will fade away and an empty screen in its place for Vanish Mode usage.
  • This chat will self-destruct. You can send messages or pictures like a normal conversation, but they’ll only last until the recipient sees your message and closes out of it!

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