After months of unconfirmed rumors, it appears that the Grand Theft Auto Remastered is very likely releasing this year for consoles. While for PC it is likely to release in 2022.

Sources indicate the titles Grand Theft Auto III-San Andreas will be remastered using a mix of new and old graphics. The game is expected to run on Unreal Engine with updated visuals. This information comes after months of rumors about such plans circulating online via GTA Forums as well as other outlets in recent weeks.

The extent of the changes to these remasters is not yet known. However, one Rockstar employee claims they have seen them in action and that it seems like just an improved graphics mod so far – a clear upscale rather than overhaul.

GTA Remastered Trilogy Using Unreal Engine

Kotaku reports that the remasters will recall many graphically enhanced mods of the original games, while also updating both UI. It is reported that the collection is real and consists of games that are being remastered using a mix of new and old graphics.

Kotaku also reported, that the remasters were originally planned as a bonus for GTA V on new-generation consoles. However, they eventually evolved into their own stand-alone product. The trilogy is expected around “late October or early November”, so should be just before the expanded GTA V.

GTA remastered Release Date

The game will reportedly release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, including Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year. However, Rockstar is prioritizing the console version of the game, that’s why pushing back PC and mobile ports to next year.


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