Google is paying $15 Billion to Apple for Default Search Engine


According to many experts and analysts, Google is paying $15 billion to Apple to remain the default search engine for its devices, i.e. Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Therefore, the amount of money to remain the default search engine in the Apple devices is increasing ear to ear.

As we all know, Apple devices have Safari browsers in all their devices as a default. In Android devices, the browser, as well as the search engine, is Google itself. As per the reports conducted by several analysts and experts, the amount of money given to Apple by Google is increasing.

It is widely accepted and known that Google pays Apple to retain the search engine for its Safari browser. Therefore, the search engine giant can’t deny not giving, maybe some sort of bribe, to an iOS company.

According to the reports and news provided by Bernstein analysts, the search giant paid almost 10 billion USD to the Apple Company for retaining its default search engine. The amount of $10 Billion was also more than its previous payment of $8 billion. Hence, there are chances that this amount in the next Fiscal year could increase by 10 percent or maybe approx.

Many experts believed that paying Apple almost $15 billion could contribute 9 percent to its gross profit.

It is believed that Google paying this enormous money to remain the Bing search engine of iOS devices is because of Microsoft’s search engine. The search engine from software giant is considered as the runner-up engine because there is nothing in this race to compete with Google.

This agreement deal between the two tech giants has faced a lot of criticism because of the dominance in the search engine industry. Therefore, Apple is reported to step forward in making its own search engine rather than depending upon others. Here, if the company makes its own search engine, it will not be getting the payments in terms of search engines as a default.