NBA 2k22: The W new features for PS5 & Xbox Series X are much improved


NBA 2K22 will be releasing on September 10, 2021. The next-gen features are going to make the game extra special. If you decide to buy either a PS5 or an Xbox Series X. Here are all of its NBA 2K22 next-gen features that everyone should look forward to:

NBA 2K22 plans to beef up the WNBA mode. It will address some of the biggest complaints from players around NBA 2k21’s barebones approach, such as a lack of commentary and customization options for female characters in MyCareer and The Park modes.

The player progression system has been upgraded with a new badge-based element. You are able to upgrade your MyPlayer creations and their skillset, but not as much compared to 2K21’s more sophisticated version of the feature.

One of the latest features in NBA’s upcoming video game is The W, which will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. A new player-progression system makes it easier to customize your character with off-day workout experiences while playing online or against other gamers.

Moreover, You can now connect with friends before you start a matchmaking game, and earn season experience points if you play against other people.

Besides this, the NBA 2K22 PS5 and Xbox Series X versions have a revamped version of the game’s MyPlayer hub called The City. While The NBA 2K Neighborhood is returning, but only for older consoles and on PC.