Genshin Impact Aloy Character Demo trailer revealed


A new Aloy Genshin Impact trailer is here. In it, the heroine herself narrates her thoughts on suddenly finding herself in an entirely new world and how she’ll handle everything from there.

The video also confirms that unlike other characters of this game, I won’t have a Stella Fortuna constellation to level up which will make me stronger as well as voice lines used by miHoYo during different battles with enemies.

The new Genshin Impact trailer shows Aloy running and fighting across the lush mountains of Teyvat. She mentions how this world’s secrets are similar to her own, and she wants to investigate them together with players.

The latter half shows off some cool moves from both Elemental Skills available in the game: Frozen Wilds’ Ice Burst that slows down enemies, as well as Prophecies of Dawn’s Fire Burst that deals damage over time for those who dare stand too close!

On September 1, she will be released for those who are playing on PS5 and PS4 while everyone else has to wait until version 2.2 is available.