Fans believe Justin Bieber adores Selena Gomez


The entertainment world is up in the air, much like a game. It’s much like a variable, there are so many controversies, seems like a hit-and-miss world. The news which is recently under observation is linked to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Following Justin’s new album, Fans are putting forth their personal commentary. This new album has set tongues wagging and people start speculation that one of the songs among the album is linked with Selena Gomez.

The news came forward after a bit of examination as some fans believe that one song by the name ‘Ghost‘ is quite different from the rest. This song gives a feeling of a missing person. It puts people into a nostalgic situation.

Justin himself declared that this song (ghost) is about losing your beloved.
Now, these words by Justin Bieber turned their intentions right. They stood stern on their claims after Justin’s words.

Justin Bieber has made a new rose tattoo, on which fans added, that this is also connected to Selena.

They concluded that this shows that Justin still loves Selena and he expresses his emotions in such a unique way. But most people know, that Justin is married and no it’s not possible for him to get married to Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez even has put forth her commentary over Justin Bieber and she added, that Justin rushes in every aspect of life. He doesn’t think properly about the outcomes. Further, She even added that I have no hurry to get hook-up.

It means Selena Gomez thinks deeply before going forward in life and she has put Justin in an irrational category. She thinks Justin is yet In an embryonic stage.

Some have concluded that Justin is attracted to Selena and he loves her deeply.