Will Smith to set on Memoir ‘Will’ in November


Will Smith is an inspiration for many others. He is a famous Actor, rapper, singer, and also a film producer of the American industry. He is a rape king under the name of “The Fresh Prince”.

Recently he shared a piece of news and pictures on his Instagram official count. He announces that he is going to release an autobiography book, on coming November 9th. Under the banner of Penguin Press, the book will be published and will be released for the audience. In the book, he shares almost all of his struggles, life approaches, and experiences.

Will Smith is working on his Book for almost the past two years. Now after completion, he officially announces his task. He deliberately added the photo of the cover page of the book with the caption that; “It’s been a labor of love.”

Apparently, the caption suggests all the ideas about the basic concept of books. In past interviews, the life of will smith, his career, his struggle, and his life were a topic of curiosity for his fans. He publishes the book to overcome the whole of struggle and curiosity.

His book surpasses everything into a deeper image along with his confirmation and permission. Apart from this, he is also thinking of releasing an Audio auto book fill. That’s will be a more convincing feature for the audience.

The book is a nota life story, this will play an inspirational part in the life of struggling fans. People read his career and gain so much. From his experience, others can gain a path.

Will Smith, himself is very confident and excited about his book release. After complete alignment and sorting of the book by the publishers, it will be available for audience experience in November hopefully.