Marvel Studios more Prequels to be released in the near future


Marvel Studios is one of the most interactive and innovative Films and Tv studios in America. It is most popular because of its Marvel Cinematics Universe films. The Studios end up the audience with various superhero films with new thrilling adventures or thrill.

Antman and The Wasp, Black Widow, Black Panther are a few of its worth-watching projects. Now Marvel Studios is working on some of the prequel projects. They are trading with their past projects to create more affinity and worthiness in their work.

The whole of the market or fans is being on making estimations that what’s cooking. If the authority of Marvel Studios, is working on some prequel projects, that project must be Iron Man 3. This is not the news, this is the wish of the community. The biggest reason for this is that there is no “Iron Man 2”. The authority rushes from the “Iron Man” to “Iron Man 3”.

The audience had already made the previous projects, successful because of their thrill and liements, now experiencing the same project with revenue more thrill and adventure is a new feeling for the audience and they all are even more excited after hearing the news about Prequel making.

The president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige increases the thirst and curiosity among the audience. During the promotion conference of the Black widow, the president declares that Something is cooking and prequel stories of the past work are under consideration.

The curiosity level of the audience at its peak, but soon everything will be cleared and everyone can have the news about the projects by the official declaration letter by Marvel Studios. But most importantly, everything is based upon the success or failure of the Black Widow prequel approach.

This will surely boost the morale up, and provide them even more confidence to pursue their tasks.