Justin Bieber holds Selena Gomez in his beautiful tones


Justin Bieber tries to hold his repenting sentiments but his singing paved the way for making a new space of conversation. Simply he can not shut the spontaneous feelings which automatically unfold his insight about Selena Gomez.

The pattern behind Justin Bieber’s insight cannot be concealed. The tone of his expressions speaks up a lot about someone while singing.

All Though he is married to Hailey Baldwin, Yet his tone portrays his past as the following lyrics taken from his recent Album vividly testify his inner.

"You know you can call me if you need someone
I'll pick up the pieces if you come undone
Painting stars upon your ceiling 'cause you
Wish that you could find some feeling, yeah, you"

From the above “Every buried line of his tone testifies the worth of a person in his life. The invisible tones of being guilty conscience force his introspection towards recalling someone back into the faded soul.

In fact, Justin Bieber’s marriage is not more than speculation for his fans. Billion of Fans from either side still do not accept the bitter reality of Bieber’s marriage. Have been yelling persistently to revert back once again into the life of deifying one another as we cannot bear you with Hailey Baldwin.

However, soon the secret will be out as habits can be changed but nature cannot be changed as Selena Gomez is part of his Nature, not Habit.

What do you expect? Will he revert back to Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber will go on with Hailey Baldwin??