Salman Khan starts legal proceedings against Kamaal R Khan for negative reviews


Bollywood: A dispute has taken place between Salman and Kamaal R Khan. When KRK placed negative remarks on Salman Khan New Film Radhe: “Your most Wanted Bhai” in reaction to the negative remarks Salman has taken legal action against KRK lodged a sue of defamation.

Henceforth, KRK vowed to shatter Salman khan’s career. Earlier on the ongoing week, he was sent a legal notification of defamation by Salman khan. In reaction, Therefore he was aimed by the virtue of his observational remarks.
However, Salman’s lawyer compiled allegations of corruption and money laundering.

On Saturday, Kamaal R Khan posted on Twitter that Salman is the owner of worse nature. The one who can not see some one in high position. He added further so many times that Salman has sabotaged the career of so many Celebrities as he is the biggest hurdle in one’s career.

In addition to the conflict, further said that now it is a matter of my honor. I will bring him down to the street. He will face the consequences for what he did.
He further added that onward 7th June 2021 I will post a detailed video against Salman khan which will clear the hidden scene.