Indian iconic skipper Virat Kohli comes open when dating a Model


Chalking out the glamorous personality man of the day “Virat Kohli” the standing Indian skipper causes concern a lot. When a traped news adhered to his characteristic comes open in the common touch with the sudden Viral of his dating Picture but “Anushka”. The News broke out like a fire in all quarters of the earth.

Following the revealing story Back in 2012, Virat Kohli was in close quarters dating a Brazilian Model and actress Izabelle Leite. She made her Bollywood entry in Mid 2012, she glimpsed as a Co-partner in Aamir khan’s Film Taslash”

Since then, the two had been dating and eventually came open in 2013 but it didn’t stand long enough and ended in 2014. The story of Virat and Izabelle Leite aired at that time when some of his dating pictures got viral.

The famous model herself justified in an interview that we ended everything by mutual understanding. As our relation lasted for two years.

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Henceforth, he got across with Anushka Sharma while shooting a shampoo commercial. Pashed on with new relationships and sooner got hitched. However, the content of his Viral pictures brought amusement amongst his fans.