Indian top doctors warn Indian people that Now Gangrene and thrombosis added a high risk to bring severe impacts of spreading diseases. It highly affects the upper limb and lower limbs. So far Gangrene affects Blood Coagulation which press Arteries to organs amputation.

Moreover, it helps to increase the risk of heart disease, bulging of lumber, diabetes, blood hypertension, Comorbidities, dead cells.

Additionally, Some of the expert analysts thrown into focus that the 1st 6 hours are very crucial to handle the circumstances.

However, the situation of high risk needed to be controlled in time else it can bring the worst circumstance in the battlefield of engaging so many monsters disease.

On the other hand, patients are yelling for Vaccines as it’s at a high risk of shortage. embroiled the situation. This has led the people to protest against the government. Patients are dying for not having ample Medicines.

The Government called cops to handle the rising threats. The people got assembled the front Of Maha Mata Gandhi Medical College asking for Medicines. So far, the matter has been investigated the Vaccines which are supplied to the hospital, kept away for selling privately. However, the criminal got busted for further investigation.


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