Gigi Hadid faces criticism for supporting Palestinians


Gigi Hadid American actress came under a massive counterblast while supporting Palestine for Israeli attacks killing almost 100 innoxious Palestine.

Since ever she supports Palestine the day she faces overwhelming accusations from social media. In this connection, her reaction for a misleading counterblast rose up while releasing screenshots is to stand against the unreasonable intensity imposed by Israel upon Palestine civilians being Inhumans gesturing towards tranquility between both countries.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid American Based Model added further through social media that she is not against Israel but against human genocide and the bloodshed of innocent people. She loves peace amongst human beings belong to any race. She hates vicious circles around creating embroiling situation for global norms.

Furthermore, she added that every nation should contribute to bringing amelioration amongst those who are having escalation. She does not mean to support a single nation or a group of people but to stop insanity and hatred for each other.

Gigi Hadid additionally added that we have to be impartial and pro peacemakers while being wrongdoers. All I want to play a constructive role in bringing peace.