Money Heist Season 5: Alvaro Morte bids emotional goodbye to the final season


Money Heist is a highly thrill base and popular Spanish series played on the Netflix platform. The series is well-known because of its suspense and agent activities. All the actors and fiction base characters are highly acknowledged and appreciated by the audience.

Money Heist Season 5

People and the audience are desperately excited to watch the new Money heist Season 5.

Alvaro Morte who plays the role of “Professor; a Mastermind” in the series recently announced his separation from the show for the last time. He announced his separation news from the series through the social site. He dispatches a video message from his official Instagram account.

He released the video in which he shows gratitude for the love, confidence, and support provided by the audience, Netflix administration, and most of all by the featured staff of Money Heist.

Alvaro Morte holds a strong character and a planning mind in the series the mind behind all the crimes of heists.

He further stated that he had not expected such tremendous popularity that has given to him by the fans.

He holds a splendid character and all the suspense activity belongs to this mastermind. He is the “Professor” in the series stands support for all the characters.

He, talking about his personal experience, greatly emphasized the role of “professor that let him study it in detail. He got the habit of deep learning in his personal life also.

So the glimpse of this character is also following him in real and normal life other than Series Story; Money Heist.

As far as audience reaction is concerned; there seems a mixture of feelings. Many were happy for him and wishing him luck for his further approaches ahead of life, while some of them will miss him, and expecting him to leave.