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Who is the best player in the history of FIFA?

Subair Adams



who is the world best player

Fans will always remember the outstanding and amazing performance of their idols. In our time, the main discussion is around Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. They both managed to earn their place in the history of FIFA, but other players are also worth your attention.


Undoubtedly, the number one legend for all Brazilian people. He is more than a player. He is the definition of talent, pace, dribbling, and intelligence. The Brazilian legend managed to score more than 1000 goals during his whole career, and this record is still unbeatable. Only Romario had a chance to overcome this result, but the official number of goals is 929. For many years Pele is considered to be the most popular and greatest player in the world. Imagine how easy it would be to earn money every time Pele scored if betting would exist then.

Franz Beckenbauer

The German superstar and defender. His best years he dedicated to Bayern Munich. With his club, he also managed to win the Champions League three times. Many specialists believe that he is the first defender who invented a free playstyle for defensive players. His skills helped him to score 111 goals, which is a great number for his position. On the field, he was performing better than the Swiss watch or premium betting for soccer fans.

Michel Platini

French players are unstoppable. We know many examples, but Michel Platini was his <Pele> for France. Despite his height, he was one of the best forwards. The most successful period of his career was the Juventus era, where French player won three Golden Balls in three consecutive years.

France Football named Platini the best player in France in the XX century. He became the head of UEFA, and he is still the number one person in football.

Ronaldo & Messi

Unlike the legends mentioned above, these two guys won almost everything they could. Both of them have won the FIFA Player of the Year award. Despite their age, they continue to demonstrate outstanding and brilliant performance on the field.

The army of fans debate for the last ten years who is better, but it is impossible to identify and decide thanks to their ethereal talent. Even though they are still playing, all fans do not deny the fact that they are legends. Every region of the world is talking about Argentinian and Portuguese superstars, from Australia to Mexico, from Argentina to Japan.

They have millions of followers from all countries, and it is hard to remain unimpressed when you see them playing on the field, especially if you are interested in sport betting tanzania.

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