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See how klopp’s controversial decision help England defeat Croatia on Sunday




jurgen klopp

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp wasn’t involved in the Three Lions 2-1 victory against Croatia on Sunday, but he surprisingly had a great influence on the outcome of the encounter.
Jurgen Klopp’s decision to hire a throw-in coach prior to the start of this season was met with so many critics and mockery from pundits and coaches.

It was obvious that the Reds were far from impressive when it comes to throw-ins throughout last season. They couldn’t create many goalscoring chances from set-pieces, especially from the throw-in, and that was the solid reason behind Klopp’s decision to bring in a coach whose job is basically to teach the players some throw-in techniques.

As much as it looks ridiculous and unprofessional, the effects of his decision was felt on Sunday as Joe Gomez’s long throw pave way for England’s equalizer against the Croats.

Having failed to equalize from an open play, Southgate’s men have no option but to depend on set pieces for inspiration.

The Liverpool defender launched a long throw straight into Croatia’s 18-yard box and after many failed attempts to clear the ball by the Croatia defenders, Jesse Lingard luckily found the back of the net to bring the scoreline level at 1-1.

After their first goal of the night, England were inspired and charged up and they eventually scored a last-minute winner thanks to Harry Kane.

With the victory, the Three Lions are through to the UEFA Nations League’s semi-finals stage that will take place in June 2019.

Since he took over from Sam Allardyce two years ago, Gareth Southgate has been able to transform the Three Lions from a losing team to a young and winning team.

He’s being able to learn some important lessons from Jurgen Klopp and Guardiola’s attacking style of play and has seamlessly applied them to his young team.

He will be very happy that most of his players are plying their trade in clubs that have great and awesome managers.

As for Joe Gomez, he would continue to get better until he becomes a specialist in set-pieces, mostly in throw-ins.

The help of Klopp’s newest coaching staff will continue to be a huge advantage to the players in terms of dead-ball situations.

It won’t be too long that other Premier League managers will join in the habit of hiring a special coach to help fine-tune their players in dead-ball situations.

Joe Gomez is expected to return to Anfield later tonight in preparation for their Saturday clash against Watford. He would be hoping to help his team maintain their unbeaten record.

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