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Liverpool legend says “I look at Liverpool now and can’t find any weakness”

Bright Okafor



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Liverpool football legend Steven Gerald was amused by the quality and depth of his former club after leaving in 2015.

Gerald was part of Benitez’s side who captained his teammates to Champions league victory more than a decade ago.

The team that were well polished by the Spanish coach, threats to any opposition and suave in display which was critically based on individual quality, pointing out to diminutive areas that could be a measure of their weaknesses.

However, the current Rangers manager admitted that Jurgen Klopp has revived his team to their best shape while claiming that he can hardly point out any player as a measure of the Reds’ weakness.

“I look at Liverpool now and can’t find any weaknesses when they’re at full strength,” he said.

Albeit he singled out Brazilian Firmino as an “absolute genius” while mustering praises in the excellent performances of the current squad.

Liverpool have shown more depth than they did last season, wrapping 5 wins in 5 Premier League games.
While the Reds only had the opportunity ones to closely win the Premier League title in the 38-year-old player’s reign, Gerald believes this team have more tendency to do so this season.

“This is a lot stronger than the team I played in” he added.

What’s your take as a Liverpool fan?

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