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Tuchel puts on a Crestfallen face in his statement after the match against Liverpool

Bright Okafor




Tuchel put on a Crestfallen face in his statement after the match against Liverpool

Tuchel’s assertion by Liverpool fans perspective could be regarded as somewhat preposterous by mere looking at the stats; apart from statistics, the Reds were completely dominant in the 3:2 victory against Paris Saint-Germain last night.

Liverpool notably had 17 shots, as well as the lion’s share of possession and more corners which bares their supremacy over the Le Blues outfit.

PSG fans would have been silenced earlier when Salah’s goal was ruled out, and if VAR was considered we would have seen a different score-line which includes Cavani’s offside position before Meunier got the first PSG goal of the champions league campaign.

But will Thomas Tuchel attest to that?

Tuchel’s statement upstretched a few eyebrows after the match

“Maybe the score didn’t tell the story of the game,” he said.

Even though Tuchel’s men were close to taking the lead before Firmino’s magical goal the former Dortmund coach did not see anything wrong with his claims.

“We put in a great performance in the first half. For me, the result was not logically correct”.

Liverpool fans will have little to worry about since they already have the 3 points that placed them on top of Napoli who drew against Red Star Belgrade, perhaps what they see is their level of dominance, not just in the group but a message to everyone that they just took the first step as they aim towards the final.

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