Manchester United legend Gary Neville yet spoke about the cohesion in the front three concerning the Liverpool team that they would have scored five or six goals in the masterclass display at Wembley.
According to Garry:

“Liverpool have been excellent and should have scored five or six,”

This was a match that made Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp optimistic about his approach this season.

His defense was solid until the 90minutes mark when Eric Lamela brought a late hope in the crowd.


Liverpool really played well but I would give much credit to the midfielders, precisely James Milner who covered most areas on the pitch, then maybe shift my focus to the four backlines, they really out marked Harry Kane and made him useless on the pitch.

But where Klopp has been given credit means he needs to concentrate on the front three who appear to lack that fluidity as they did last season.

What Klopp doesn’t need right now is for lack of final finishing touch which we saw more often than not with Mo Salah and Saido Mané.

One would start thinking of the old pair between Daniel Sturridge and Suarez when we noticed a little bit of desire and willingness to take the credit alone.

One would start thinking that both Mane and Salah are contesting for highest goal scorer this season as they lack the formal cohesion between themselves.

In the second half, Mané had the opportunity to pass to Salah who was in the better position to score but he instead gave it to Naby Keita who played it squarely to Vorm.

Something tantamount occurred while Salah was with the ball as he was trying to cut through the defense at the exact time he would have made a clean pass to Mane but he tried to nick the ball into the net which fell through.

On both occasions, Klopp was suggesting that they should have passed as he demonstrated on the pitch.
If they had completed the finishing touch superbly they would have won at length.

Now 5 players, Tuchel worried against Liverpool after further injury concern.


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