according to Ian Baker of The Telegraph Chelsea boss, Maurizio Sarri invited London Legend John Terry to be part of his coaching staff

It was reported that John Terry rejected an offer from Russian side Spartak Moscow when they showed interest in the 37-year-old man.

Sarri is, however, not sure if Terry would accept the offer as both men are yet to discuss the issue but the 59-year-old man implied that if Terry is ready to quit football then he would accept to make him part of his crew.

According to the interview, when he was asked about Terry’s future.

“The last time I have spoken with him, he told me that he wants to play for another season. But I don’t know the situation now. I am talking about a week ago.”

Terry has been a man passionate about football and everyone sees him already as a potential coach, if not Chelsea’s boss in the future. Terry played with Chelsea as one who could eventually take a bullet for his teammates: he manned the defensive wall and thought many defenders how to lay down their lives when hope is lost in the game.

No wonder everyone wants to see how he can as well transform such kinetic energy in a club as a manager since the 37-year-old man is already in the evening of his career: albeit, he does not look like he is getting ready to stop.

According to Sarri:

“If he wants to play for another season, I think it’s right that he tries to play. But, if he wants to help us, I’m really very happy.”

Do you want Terry to join the team as a player or as a staff?

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