Top 5 Chelsea players sold by Mourinho who later became superstars

#5 Juan Mata

Juan Mata was part of Roberto De Matteo’s triumvirate with Hazard and Oscar; winning the best Chelsea player back-to-back as he was tagged with the number 10 role.

He was a great finisher but Jose Mourinho came in and made him great on the bench. He joined Manchester United and was used under then manager Van Gaal until the Portuguese came in again.

#4 Arjen Robben

The Netherland superstar who is already a legend in Germany said that it was a huge “relief” after he felt lack of support from Jose Mourinho before joining Real Madrid in a £24.5million deal.

He went to the top elite in Germany and won his first Champions league after scoring the only goal in the final against Dortmund.

#3 Romelu Lukaku

The Belgian international would have become the Drogba of today as he was keen on joining his model while he was still playing at Chelsea. He was loaned often times by Jose until he finally signed for Everton. Lukaku is currently the main striker in Jose’s plan as a Manchester United manager. He could be nicknamed “The prodigal son”.

#2 Kelvin De Bruyne

Europe’s finest player and one who can dictate the tempo of the game in the midfield. He is one of a kind; his feet are equally useful to cause harm and create chances. He was the joint contender with Salah for best footballer in England.

Wonder why Jose sold him. Fans were so sad he did. The “special one” ended up becoming the “special scout” for other clubs.

#1 Mohamed Salah

Mo Salah was still 19 when Basel dealt with Chelsea in the Champions league: he stole the show before joining Mourinho’s team.

He was however still developing but not given much time to prove himself. He was loaned to Fiorentina, then to Roma when he became Roma’s best player, yet he was sold and now the Egyptian is the best player in the EPL.

He his not just fast, he runs with pace and reason; opponents get scared when he’s with the ball. He has a heart full of goals.

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