Brandon Ingram is the smallest of age in Los Angelis Lakers, but he has a lot to offer in a team. Ingram will be very crucial in his new pair with LeBron James as a crux player.

He however needs to up his game to meet up to the expectation that would see them participate in the play off.
However, the 21-year-old will love the contest as it would improve him afterwards.

Speaking of recent times, it’s been traditional for few players to improve under top stars. Lancaster has had a hand to work with Avery Bradley, Kyrie Irving and Victor Oladipo.

The aforementioned had spent the summer exercising with Lancaster which made the likes of Oladipo to get into the limelight a season ago. The Los Angeles Lakers will surely hope he ensues similar version on Ingram.

Lancaster revealed in a recent interview on Lakers film Room Podcast, how Brandon picked up and developed in his game offseason.

“What I like about Brandon is that he wants to improve every facet of his game”

He added that

“I haven’t gotten the inkling that he’s trying to be role-focused. He really is trying to improve anything he can possibly improve.”

He also revealed him as a multi-faceted player that lacks feebleness.
It is believed that if the 21-year-old can up his game even as he did in the past which brought him to this level, he can as well be one of the finest pair with James in Lakers’ history if not NBA.


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