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Free agent target under the radar of The Los Angelis

Bright Okafor



The Los Angeles laker landed a remarkable effort in signing the biggest star in NBA LeBron James after buying out Luol Deng this summer.

The lakers now kept $41.7 million in practical cap space-per Spotrac.

That enormous value is good enough to introduce the superstar and everyone is not short of notice about what free agents the Los Angeles Lakers would target.

Perhaps we could pay attention to a few that can help the Lakers.

Danny Green
He is adroit enough to be able to give LeBron James and Lonzo with the mission to timely send a pass to James in working with the ability to aim for three points.

Alec Burks
We can as well consider Alec Burks who’s prowess level and athleticism can not be underrated. He could be strong hold in connecting perfectly with the maestro.
Burke is not just a combo guard but he could also be regarded as a slasher in the team.
Speaking of his accuracy in aiming at the net. He has really improved under the radar and he’s no longer prone to the traditional injuries in 60 plus games and playoffs.

Fortunately, he is a chief in defense with quick feet as he could squeeze the ball out of oppositions at ease.

Nikola Mirotic
considering Nikola Mirotic who is good at entering gaps, which could give his team cogent opening three points. With Nikola’s ability to shoot through spaces he would make a better mark of atleast 15points and six rebounds.

Who’s your pick?

Okafor Bright is a B.Eng holder of Petroleum Engineering who is passionate about sports, articles and content development.