How these two players partnership in attack gives Chelsea fans something new to celebrate

Chelsea had a tentative start to the season. They were not considered by most pundits as among the clubs that would finish top 4. Well, it all started to change when Hazard got his way into the first team against Newcastle.

Many may have predicted that the combination of Hazard and Alonso under the influence of Sarri’s attacking style would create a mercurial defense.

But it now appears that the club’s strength could be located around them as most of the touches come from the left-wing.

At first, Hazard assisted Alonso in the goal that saw them get a victory versus Arsenal but Alonso, however, returned the favour after creating a penalty that led to the Belgian captain’s first goal of the tournament.

They both did equal version against Bournemouth when they played a one-two before Hazard sealed the victory for the Blues.

They have unanimously produced goals for Chelsea in the first four games of the Premier League season and the signs have shown that it’s just a stepping stone and a leeway to achieving the best pairs in the Premier League.

It appears that Alonso is enjoying the left flank, which means the traditional combination of Willian-Hazard-Fabregas has yet transformed to both Hazard and Alonso.

As a matter of fact, Hazard revealed he had advised Alonso to stay back but the left-back feels like the striker of the team. No wonder, often times, he was always found in the box.

Needless to say, but Sarri may not worry about him, he would rather worry about how to spread the connection in the right-wing.

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