Mignolet? Jurgen Klopp decides on his Champions League number one


Jurgen Klopp rotated his goalkeepers last season when he wasn’t sure of his number one until Karius took the gloves in both Premier League and Champions league campaign close to the end of the season.

The traditional rotation of goalkeepers will not be considered as Klopp’s decision to use the Brazilian as is number will be unfolded despite his blunders against Leicester City.


The former number one goalkeeper, Mignolet who started only in the play-off against Hoffenheim last season, was a bit relaxed that the UCL group games plus domestic League cup matches would earn him the opportunities to show his prowess.

Mignolet is however unsettled by his manager’s decision which made him divulged the idea of being a backup plan for Alisson. The inherent decision could as well get him disgruntled.

The 30-year-old keeper may start combing for another club come January, as he would want to come back to his flying form.

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However, Klopp would use him in the domestic cup matches which would see him show what he has to offer to the team.

The Belgian second choice goalkeeper was Klopp’s first choice before his inconsistencies. There were situations that made the German opt for Karius before both goalkeepers could not meet up with his demands.

With the errors made by Alisson so far, while he escaped that of Brighton, Klopp may as well give Mignolet an opportunity to tell Liverpool fans he’d learnt from his mistakes.


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