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Like it or not; Unai Emery bans his team

Bright Okafor



Like it or not; Unai Emery bans his team from drinking fruit juice

Unai Emery has come with a different tactic from being caring as Arsene Wenger did, to a stricter and adventurous coach.

Many may question his demands but the 43-year-old handler knows what it takes to keep his job than mimicking his predecessor.

Arsenal is regarded as a work in progress but it may not take too long to see a job well done.

He recently banned his players from drinking fruit juice with their meals: perhaps they were thinking it would be replaced with something sweeter until he spoke to them about the excess sugar and carbohydrate which he thinks affect their performances.

He rather proffered water as a better solution when he ordered canteen food. As if that’s not enough, the manager is also observing closely the players’ body measurement and he has set up gym equipment, housed in a marquee next to the training pitches.

His several changes and training session was among what prompted the burst up he had with Ozil and even at that, he is not ready to stop.

It is indistinct that he wants both physically and mentally strong players: as an alternative to going out in search of a replacement, he feels he could engineer is present players to meet his demands.

Emery’s men will face Cardiff City this weekend and we look forward to seeing more than a fraction of the changes he has made so far.

Okafor Bright is a B.Eng holder of Petroleum Engineering who is passionate about sports, articles and content development.