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Tempers Flare as Staff clash after dressing room burst-up with this star




Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho was left soaked and Manchester City’s assistant coach Mikel Arteta got a cut above his eye as staff and players of both sides clashed in the tunnels of Old Trafford in the aftermath of City’s derby day victory over United.

It is believed to have started when the United manager on his way to a press briefing came across the celebrations of the City players and staff and told them to keep their celebrations down, a statement reportedly made in Portuguese and didn’t go down well with City’s Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson, who confronted the manager. This led to staff on both sides engaging in an altercation with an handful of players on both sides also getting involved.

Reports state that water cans were thrown which led to Mourinho getting soaked. Man United goalkeeper coach, Silvino Louro and Striker Romelu Lukaku were mentioned to be involved in the incident.

Amazon Prime Camera crew, who have been filming a behind-the-scenes documentary of City’s season would have gotten the whole incident on tape but were denied access into the dressing room area by Manchester United before the game.

The crew had earlier this season captured jubilant scenes from City’s victory at Stamford Bridge but that didn’t lead to an altercation. But there were similar scenes after Chelsea defeated Man City last season at the Etihad with Pep Guardiola said to be one of the instigators.

It is left to be seen, if the FA will take action against any or both of these clubs.

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