Whoopi Goldberg says, "God would Support Abortion."


Published By Hamza Hayat

A massive argument happened on Wednesday's episode of "The View" between co-host Whoopi Goldberg and pro-life guest

and former "View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck in what it recommends God should allow for abortion rights.

And throughout the show, she continued to assert that God is willing to have an abortion.

Goldberg, who insisted that each co-host of the ABC daylight hours speak display became "pro-life"

instead of that all of them railing in opposition to the overturning of Roe v. Wade withinside the past

argued in opposition to Hasselbeck's declaration that abortion became the incorrect choice for pregnant women.

 In addition, both The host and renowned actress viewed invoking God to justify girls selecting abortion,

disagreeing with Hasselbeck's pro-life points by expressing that God gave women "freedom of choice."

Moreover, The clash started once the conservative guest promoted adoption centers and pro-life "agencies"

 as friendly choices for girls who realize it is impossible to bring up a baby.

She encouraged women in these difficult things to "look for the nonprofits, search for the agencies 

that assist you to produce a birth set up and match you with an adoptive family who could have suffered miscarriage after miscarriage and wish to worry for the baby."

Furthermore, Hasselbeck explained I don't recognize incomplete data out there.

That's wherever Rube Goldberg initially countered, demanding that women,

together with people who abort, are simply exercising their God-gifted "freedom of selection," even in committing abortion.

Moreover, Goldberg insisted that God doesn't make mistakes, and he made the women's genius,

that what decisions she considers suitable for themself they have freedom of expression.

In addition, she said that abortion is the choice for women of God, like adoption.

While protecting her statement, Hasselbeck protested, saying, "No." However, Goldberg said that her connection with God is "ever choppy."