Twitter users Demands: "Elon Musk Must Go!"

On Sunday, the new owner of Twitter - Elon Musk - posed a high-stakes question to users:

Should he step down as CEO? Mr. Musk is confidently contemplating his next move.

Twitter users have had the final say- after a controversial poll started by Elon Musk.

It's been determined that he should step down as CEO.

Elon Musk proposed a poll to decide his fate, pledging that he would accept the decision.

On Monday, the poll that saw a staggering 17 million participants ended with an overwhelming majority of 57.5% calling for the billionaire's mandate to end.

Elon Musk's seismic shift from tech titan to media mogul has sparked intense debate,

and countless critiques since he acquired the popular social media platform Twitter.

An ex-Twitter employee recently revealed to the BBC that Elon Musk was "showing himself to be the incompetent fool we all knew he was."

Since Elon Musk took control of Twitter, the platform has been experiencing a surge in use,

and its hate speech impressions have drastically decreased, as he claimed.