US Government Bans "TikTok" on All Official Smartphones


All US Government issued Smartphones no longer have access to the wildly popular Chinese video app TikTok.

The famous short video-sharing app has been officially banned, and employees can no longer install it.

The Committee on House Administration gave their staff a new rule - no more TikTok usage with official devices.

According to official emails, TikTok is a mobile app that poses significant security issues.

All agency employees were instructed to uninstall this application from their mobile devices.

TikTok has been banned in the United States due to national security worries.

The ban on app isn't just restricted to the COA but also other agencies within the United States government.

The famous Chinese TikTok app has faced criticism for allegedly extracting user data and other confidential information.

TikTok has persistently declared that it will never divulge its users' information to the Chinese government.