The new Apple Car: Design, Release date, Price, and Rumors

Concept Images by:Tech Blood/Youtube

Apple is working on a self-driving vehicle

The rumors of an Apple car have been floating around since 2014.

In 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly approved a project named Titan.

Apple car Design:

Rumors abound that this new Car will be a fully-featured self-driving electric vehicle.

Rumors indicate that this project will be more than just designing something cool.

According to different sources, the Car will function without any steering wheel or pedals.

It seems to compete with Tesla and other EVs on the market right now.

However, the steering wheel is an essential component of the Car and would be difficult to remove.

The recent hires by Apple show that the company is looking for new ways to stay ahead in an industry where others have been slow.

Some reports have suggested that the company has hired the former president of Mercedes-Benz research.

This hiring is just another indication that Apple is serious about releasing an electric car.

It seems they're putting a lot of money and time into the project, which could mean we'll see it come out soon!

It's no secret that Apple hired executives from other companies like Tesla, BMW, and ford to improve their self-driving cars.

The company's ambitious goal is to produce its vehicle by 2025, but they have no experience in car manufacturing and will need partners for this.

Apple might consider partnering with other popular manufacturers like BMW or Hyundai to provide more cars for their customers.

Apple car Safety:

Safety is at the forefront of Apple's design ideology with its new Car.

The company wants its Car to be much safer and more reliable than companies like Waymo or Tesla.

Apple Car Release Date:

In a world where nearly every major tech company has announced some car project, it's not surprising that Apple might join them

Multiple reputable sources say the company will likely announce its initiative at some point in 2022 and launch it by 2025.