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Apple's next flagship smartphone

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Leaks suggest that iPhone 14 will be borrowing a lot from its previous models instead of bringing something new for its users.

Apple's next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 14 lineup is launching in September.

With the recent leaks of an upcoming Apple product, From a new design to an even bigger battery, we've heard it all. But this might just be the weirdest Apple iPhone 14 information yet!

Its predecessor The iPhone 13 was released in September 2021 and it had an appearance that was strikingly similar to the previous model, The 12th generation of iPhones.

The iPhone 14 is said to have mostly the same exterior design as its predecessor, including keeping some of its internals but the Pro variant will allegedly see slightly more significant alterations!

In a recent tweet, Ming-Chi Kuo — an analyst is known for his insightful leaks about Apple products and technology trends -- shed light on what to expect from this year's iPhone release.

He indicated that there will be some big differences between the regular variants of iPhone 14 and Pro variants.

The iPhone 12 and 13 mini were not as successful in terms of sales so it is no surprise that there won't be a mini variant this year.

Replacing the mini variant is The newest Apple iPhone 14 Max which will have a screen size of 6.7.


Screen Size

iPhone 14


iPhone 14 Max


iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Max



New iPhone 14 Lineup Specifications

What's really weird!

How they picked the chipset for these two variants?

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Reports claim that The iPhone 14 and the iPhone Max will be powered by a chip from last year's Pro models, the A15 Bionic version

However, the Pro variants iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max will be powered by the next-generation A16 Bionic chip.

And The chip in the Pro variants is expected to be more advanced than the A16, and may be termed as "A16 Pro".



6.1" iPhone 14

A15 Chip

6.7" iPhone 14 Max

A15 Chip

6.1 " iPhone 14 Pro

6.7" iPhone 14 Pro Max

A16 chip

A16 chip

iPhone 14 Lineup

The TechTalkTV Channel reports that some outlets are saying it is not a big deal as the A15 chipset is also fast enough.

Differences in RAM speed:

Just like the chipset, there will be differences in RAM speed too.

The pro variants get a faster LPDDR5 RAM while regular ones have an older type of RAM known as LPDDR 4X.

All four new models will likely come with 6GB RAM, with the difference being LPDDR 5 (14 Pro & 14 Pro Max) vs. LPDDR 4X (14 & 14 Max) Ming-Chi Kuo Tweeted.