Tesla unveils a new high-speed Supercomputer

Photo by: Tesla/Youtube

Tesla's latest version of their supercomputer, the Dojo, has been unveiled.

It is so powerful that it triggered an electricity overload in Palo Alto.

To deliver the computing power needed for its self-driving system, Tesla built a supercomputer.

The new Dojo custom-built computer uses chips and an entire infrastructure designed by Tesla.

It will soon become one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Tesla plans on using this supercomputer to train its neural networks so it can provide more accurate computer vision technology for self-driving efforts.

Tesla has revealed that it is making significant progress with its AI program, Dojo.

Tesla confirmed that they managed to go from a chip and tile system tray into creating full cabinets.

Tesla claims that with just one Dojo tile, it can replace six GPU boxes.

The company says this will be cheaper than buying one GPU Box.

The Tesla tray is like having three or four fully-loaded supercomputer racks on your desk.

Tesla's latest high-speed computer, the Dojo Exapod, is a 1.1 EFLOP chip with 13TB of SRAM and 13 TB of memory bandwidth.

Overall, Tesla is working hard to create an environment where it can test and produce its first "Dojo Exapod."