Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle is much faster than the Tesla

Yes! ACCORDING TO THE COMPANY'S CLAIMS, Aptera Electric Vehicle is faster than the Tesla Model 3.

Aptera SEV vs  Tesla Model 3

Aptera has challenged the Electric Vehicle Giant TESLA by introducing its new Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV).

The company claims that Its SEV has the potential to beat Tesla and is faster.

Aptera is a Los Vegas-based small industry that has released its new SEV pictures.

The company claims this car is much more efficient and lighter than Tesla and other Electric Vehicles.

Moreover, many designs have been revealed by Aptera, but none of them has been sold to the customers.

Their latest Three-wheeled SEV model was presented in 2020. This model is likely to be produced later this heart by the company.

The company has raised a fund of 40million dollars and is likely to start production on this model.

Anyhow, is it faster than other EVs or not? Let's dig ut out.

If you don't know what Aptera is and its new Solar Electric Vehicle, then it's ok.

I will tell you now. It is a company that has revealed its intention to produce SEVs that will be charged from the Solar system and Electric plugin. So did it stun you or not?

However, the small industry Aptera claims its EVs are faster and more efficient than Tesla Model 3.

The recent video uploaded on youtube shows Aptera EV beating Tesla in a desert race.

The company also claims that it has a higher range of 1000 miles than Tesla cars.

In addition, the car has a small battery of 25kWh, but it is enough to carry a car of 800kg and provide a range of 250 miles on a single charge.

The other options are also available in the vehicle, which are 500 miles,750 miles, and 1000 miles.

However, why is it so efficient? The reason is that it is like a feather-weighted vehicle of 800 kg.s

These batteries can reach up to 60/mph in just 5.5 seconds, which is insane.

However, it is insane and most likely to beat Tesla because it is cheaper than Tesla Model 3. Its starting price is $25,000, $10,000 less than Tesla Model 3.

This is equal to the Tesla Model 3, but as we have mentioned, it has beaten Tesla in terms of weight and cost. Due to its lightweight, it moves faster than the Tesla Model 3.

The Video uploaded by Aptera shows that the Aptera Beta version beats Aptera Lapha Version, Tesla Model 3, and almost Audi R8 GT Spyder in a desert drag race. However, the Beta version in the Video beats its older version and Tesla Model 3.

Video Source: Aptera Motors (YouTube)

But it was a close race between Audi R8 GT Spyder and Aptera Beta Version as it is not clear at the ending line which vehicle has reached first.

But It has beaten Tesla, proving that it is Fater than Tesla Model 3.