Tesla CEO Elon Musk Dancing at the opening of Tesla Plant in Germany

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Tesla's new plant in Germany formally opened on Tuesday in the presence of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

First Model Y Deliveries at Giga Berlin

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Elon Musk has always been known for his creative thinking and unique style, so it's no surprise that he put together a great dance move while opening the new Tesla factory in Germany

Musk Dancing at the opening of the new Giga Factory

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Tesla's first German-made cars were delivered to 30 clients and their families at the ($ 5.5 billion) plant.

First car of the line!!

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"This is a great day for the factory," Musk said

The future of automotive manufacturing seems to be taking shape in Germany, with plans for a 500000-vehicle factory to produce batteries for cars and electric motors.

Environmental Concerns Remain

The construction of Giga Berlin has been a controversial topic in the past few month

While some people are excited by this new development, others feel threatened and unsafe because they believe it will cause an increase in water shortages, among other things that could go wrong with such large-scale projects