A Korean tech giant, Samsung, won't buy any OLED panels from China's BOE supplier this year.

Credits: Unsplash

Nowadays, it's common to see smartphones and TV manufacturers using panels from China.

Samsung is one such company that has been buying OLED screens and LCDs from BOE.

But it appears that the company will not be purchasing any display panels from BOE in 2023.

The Elec confirmed that BOE is no longer one of their official suppliers.

As a result of recent royalty payment issues, the company has decided not to buy any products from BOE.

The BOE display makers have been one of its key suppliers for LCD panels.

Samsung also used BOE's OLED displays on some budget and mid-range Galaxy smartphones.

The report says that The Chinese company BOE used a well-known brand name, "Samsung," in their marketing efforts.

According to sources, the company asked for payment of royalties after knowing that BOE used the Samsung name for marketing purposes.

BOE technology refused, which led to a cancellation of a deal between Samsung and BOE Suppliers.