Samsung Galaxy's upcoming phones may feature Satellite Connectivity. 

With the launch of new iPhone 14 series, Apple has taken satellite connectivity one step further by including it in a commercial mobile phone brand.

Which is a great feature to have in case of an emergency.

iPhone users can connect to the satellite system and make an emergency call when there's no cellular signal coverage.

And it seems that Samsung is not done yet with its innovative ideas and will be bringing satellite connectivity to future Galaxy devices.

The next Samsung Galaxy phone could come with satellite connectivity options, according to tipster Ricciolo.

However, we don't know whether this emergency feature will be available on the Galaxy S23.

The latest iPhone 14 from Apple comes with a new satellite connectivity feature.

However, this feature will only be available in America and Canada.

Apple has restricted the availability of this new satellite connectivity feature to the United States and Canada, even though India also possesses this technology.

Satellite connectivity is the perfect solution for remote locations where mobile networks cannot reach.

The iPhone 14 and future iPhones are equipped with Globalstar's network to make emergency SOS calls.

While it is still unclear which network Samsung will be using.

The company has not confirmed this news.

But it will be interesting to see if they will eventually implement such technology into their future Galaxy devices.