The batteries on Samsung smartphones are swelling and exploding

The Galaxy Note 7 was perhaps the most infamous example of a smartphone battery failure.

The Samsung galaxy note 7 phones were recalled because of battery problems.

They assure customers that this will not happen again with future models.

MrWhoseThe Boss is not one to shy away from a challenge, and he recently noticed something about his Samsung smartphones that concerned him.

The YouTuber Arun told his fans that some old Samsung phones, including Galaxy S7, Note 8, and S10 5G, had blown up, which caused quite a stir.

The affected phones included the Galaxy Z Fold 2, S20 FE, and others.

The YouTuber's other phones in his collection also seem to be okay, suggesting that only Samsung models batteries exploded.

Image by: Mrwhosetheboss/Youtube

When MrWhoseTheBoss tested them, he only used the Samsung phones for review purposes.

Furthermore, The YouTuber noticed that none of his collection's iPhones, Asus phones, or Google devices experienced similar battery accidents.

It seems that the battery swelling issues only affect Samsung phones.

Mr. who'sTheBoss confirmed this after talking with other popular YouTube creators like Marques Brownlee and JerryRigEverything.

After reporting his findings to Samsung, Maini tried reaching out multiple times but would only get a "we will get back with new updates" response from them.

Samsung has not made any official statement on this issue yet.