Samsung is said to be working on advanced technology to make fingerprint login safer and more secure than ever before.

The Korean is reportedly working on a new technology that will make fingerprint login 2.5 billion times more secure.

The new technology will allow a new generation of an OLED 2.0 display to scan multiple fingerprints at once, according to SamMobile.

The company says that three fingerprints authentication will be more secure than one.

The new scanning technology will make the entire screen to act like a fingerprint scanner.

The new OLED 2.0 technology will allow users to unlock their devices without placing a fingerprint at the right spot.

This technology could be the future of OLED displays, and Samsung might have it ready for their next-generation screen in just a couple of years.

The company has not revealed the exact launch date for this new technology.

The production for OLED 2.0 displays has been rumored to start in 2023.