The next Samsung Galaxy S flagship device could be unveiled sometime next year. 

However, there are some new renders from 4RMD that helps illustrate what we might expect to see when it finally arrives.

Images: 4rmd/Youtube

The new Galaxy S23 design makes them more like their predecessor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The lineup is getting some family resemblance back.

With the Galaxy S23 lineup adopting its predecessor's design, it is expected that the upcoming Ultra model will be very similar in appearance to last year's generation.

Moreover, It's unclear what would be upgraded on the Galaxy S23 Ultra over its predecessor, but it seems likely that this device will get a resolution or refresh rate boost.

However, some things may change. For example, the rear camera sensors on their phones will likely switch to a higher resolution, and they could add more powerful features.

The upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra will be a step ahead of its predecessor in terms of photography, with four rear-facing cameras, including one that has 200MP resolution and a 12mp ultra-wide shooter.

It also includes two 10MP telephoto lenses with 3x optical zoom capability.

With a 200MP main camera, the Galaxy S23 is expected to take higher-quality photos than any other phone on the market.

Overall, Samsung may be releasing the S23 in January, according to recent reports.