The Nokia is the Fifth top selling brand in US.

The Nokia brand has been a major player in the US market for smartphones, ranking fifth among all brands.

The latest IDC report has revealed that the Nokia C100 is in 15th place amongst this year's top selling smartphones.

While the NOKIA C200 have also successfully ran during 2022 as well.

The report notes that Nokia C100 and Nokia C200 smartphones were very successful launches in the US market.

The charts posted by analyst firm IDC show a big jump in Nokia smartphones shipped over the course of Q2 2022 compared to any other quarter.

Currently, Nokia is a leader in the world of feature phones.

The Nokia Mobile is making a comeback with their new smartphones and has been enjoying positive spin in United States.

The report from Strategy Analytics revealed that Nokia's mobile financials are booming in Western Europe and North America markets.

The Nokia Mobile’s industry in North America is clearly the leader, with an estimated 87% year-on-year growth while in Western Europe it registered 31%.