A new bug found in the iPhone 14 Pro causes it to freeze

The newest iPhone from Apple went on sale this past Saturday, and many people have already purchased it.

Reports are coming in that the newest Apple phone, the iPhone 14 Pro, is experiencing an activation issue.

Recently iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max buyers have reported another bug causing their device to freeze after data transfers.

The iPhone 14 Pro models are experiencing a bug:

Reports indicate that Apple is aware of an issue causing the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max to freeze after data transfer from older models.

In an internal memo (via MacRumors), Apple says that they are investigating the issue, and hopefully, a fix will arrive soon.

iPhone users should be aware of a new issue that can cause them to freeze.

iPhone 14 pro and 14 Pro max become unresponsive after an iCloud restore or data transfer from previous iPhones during the Quick Start process.

Recently iPhone 14 Pro users reported the bug, but there's no official fix for the bug at this time.

Apple advises their customers to restart their iPhone 14 Pro if they are experiencing issues with the device becoming unresponsive.

If your iPhone 14 Pro seems to be freezing after a data transfer, force restarting it may help fix the problem.

iOS 16.0.1 is released to fix a device activation issue that iPhone 14 Pro customers faced last week during device setup, according to reports.

The new iOS 16.0.1 update is a must after setting up your iPhone.