Norway has a large number of Tesla cars on its roads.

Accordingly, Norway gave rise to a new electric car record once again.

Despite that only two models were there on the market, Tesla evolved into a centre of interest in Norway in the year 2021.

Among all sold-cars, 64.5% were all electric in Norway in 2021, which surged up to 10 points from the previous year.

Electric cars are less weighty and they can be driven faster than the rest of the cars: Petrol and diesel-based cars.

Besides, Electric cars are ECO-Friendly and Elon Musk is working hard to construct such affordable Tesla cars.

Veterans have already made it public to ban gas-powered cars by 2030, 2035 and later as it is less and even not ECO-Friendly.

Keeping the global conditions of the world and affordability, Norway has already achieved the feat to be all-electric by 2025.

The major factors that make an electric car purchase preferable in Norway:

The government wants you to have an Electric car:

Government has a crucial role as it gives more advantages to the people having electric cars in Norway.

Government offers free parking and also an income tax deduction.

Electric cars are cheaper to own and maintain in Norway because they have low annual fees and provide access to free or discounted tall roads.

Electric cars offer an advantage in cities with heavy traffic because they can drive on public transport lanes.

Produces gas and oil, but doesn't use any:

Despite producing plenty of Oil and Gas, the country avoids using it as folks of Norway care about the environment of the country.

These are the reasons why Tesla electric cars are everywhere in Norway