Microsoft on Track to Invest $10 Billion in A.I Tool, "ChatGPT"


Microsoft has announced plans to invest $10 billion in OpenAI,

the technology company behind the popular artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT. 

This investment is set to increase the valuation of OpenAI to an estimated $29 billion. 

As part of the deal, Microsoft will receive a 75% share of OpenAI's profits until the investment is recouped. 

The company will assume a 49% stake in the profitable AI company.

According to Semafor, if the threshold is reached, Microsoft will hold a 49% stake in OpenAI,

with other investors holding 49%, and the remaining 2% going to the nonprofit parent of OpenAI.

This move by Microsoft is a sign of the growing interest in artificial intelligence. 

OpenAI, with its versatile chatbot that can generate haikus, troubleshoot code,

and mimic human speech while providing answers to questions, has captured the attention of both industry experts and the general public.

Some experts believe that this investment in ChatGPT could be Microsoft's secret weapon to compete with Google in the web search market. 

The investment is set to give OpenAI more resources to continue to build out its AI technology and expand its research into artificial general intelligence (AGI). 

The partnership will also offer Microsoft access to cutting-edge AI research and technology that can be integrated into its products and services.