Happy birthday to the most popular member in BTS Jin.


Kim Seokjin, also known as Jin from BTS is the oldest member of this popular boy band.

He is often known as Worldwide most handsome man.

Credit: Instagram

Jin celebrated his 30th birthday on 4th Decemeber.

Jin's best friend, J-Hope has created the sweetest wish for his fellow member on his 30th birthday.

J-Hope surprised fans by tagging Jin in celebration of his birthday.

Kim Seokjin mentioned that it was J-Hope who wished him first.

The birthday boy, who was feeling generous and wanted to give back all the love he received from his fans for this special day.

He treated them right by streaming live on their community page.

When Jin mentioned his close friend, Jungkook; he said that Jungkook didn't visit him on his birthday despite having done so earlier.

He led everyone in singing the happy birthday song before cutting the birthday cake.

The K-pop group BTS was given a new award, the MAMA Platinum Award.

This is only given out when an artist wins all four Daesangs at once.

Furthermore, On December 13th, nine days after his birthday, Jin will be joining the military service.