The new iPhone 15 Leaks and Major Upgrades

iPhone 15 leaks are just too early for now, but the rumors and speculation about a potential next-generation phone have started.

Apple is likely to kick off the iPhone 15 next year, post the thriving debut of the iPhone 14.

LeaksApplePro has just speculated on the next-gen iPhone 15.

He claims that major upgrades will be coming to iPhone 15 and may feature a larger battery, 8k video recording, and a USB-C.

The features that Android phones have had for years now are finally making their way to the iPhone.

iPhone 15: USB-C Port

According to a tipster, Apple is moving away from its proprietary charging cable to make way for USB-C.

So all four models of this  upcoming phone may have a USB-C port.

Furthermore, he also claimed that the Apple A15 Bionic Chip would power the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

At the same time, the Pro models will feature the A17 Chip.

He also said that the Pro Max model will be replaced with a new one called "Ultra".

So it means that the iPhone 15 Ultra might have some extra specs and features which make it stand out from other models.

iPhones may be catching up to Android in video recording capabilities, but don't count Apple out yet.

LeaksApplePro is unclear about the possibility of an 8K video recording in a future update, but it's possible.

Overall, it's too early to say anything about the iPhone 15.

As it's always tough to predict what Apple will do next, there are signs that the company might take a more iterative approach with its releases.