The popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has been hacked

According to reports, hackers stole $100 million from one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, but it could have been significantly more.

The CEO of Binance has confirmed that their blockchain was involved in a $570 million hack late Thursday.

On Friday, the BNB Chain team announced that the hacker withdrew 2 million BNB, estimated at about $568 million.

However, It turns out the attacker only succeeded in stealing about $110 million because most of their tokens were frozen by SlowMist following a suspension on BNB Chain.

Zhao says the company estimates its loss to be between $100 million and 110 million dollars.

The BNB blockchain was down for about nine hours after a recent attack.

To ensure the safety of its network, BNB Chain plans on implementing a new governance mechanism.

Overall, this year the cryptocurrency world was affected by a series of major hacks.

This year has been challenging for cryptocurrency holders, with $2 billion worth of coins stolen in cross-chain bridge hacks.