Trojans are everywhere! They can hide in the most unexpected places, including captions or subtitles for YouTube videos.

The Korean security specialists Asec have recently discovered a malware distribution technique that distributes via YouTube as game hacks

The attacker manages users into downloading malicious files by guiding them off their anti-malware program

Redline is an information leaking malware that can leak user account data, screenshots, and coin wallet addresses stored in web browsers or FTP

Around March 2020, the first RedLine malware was identified. It was spread through spam using a new coronavirus issue

The most prominent cyber threat impacting users worldwide since 2020

It has been a commodity information-stealer that can be purchased for roughly $200 on internet Forum sites and easily deployed without requiring much background knowledge or effort

This spyware steals your information and has the potential to drain any crypto wallet like Armory, BitcoinCore, Bytecoin, DashCore, Electrum, Ethereum, and Jaxx

List of targeted web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox

Spyware Steals your information: credit card numbers, Passwords, AutoFill forms, bookmarks and cookies

Spyware can Drains any Cryptocurrency wallet file:

Armory, BitcoinCore, Bytecoin, DashCore AtomicWallet, , Electrum, Ethereum, LitecoinCore, Monero, Exodus,Jaxx and Zcash

The attacker compresses the stolen information into an easily downloadable file and sends it through Discord's WebHooks API