Google introduced a missing feature to their Pixel Buds Pro

The Google Pixel Buds Pro finally received a new software update that allows them to five-band EQ.

Finally, this software update should have included the five-band customizable EQ that was missing from Google's Pixel Buds.

Google is bringing a much-needed feature to its pixel buds pro: five-band customizable Eqs.

Google announced that the software update for their newest product, the Pixel Buds Pro 5-band equalizer, is now rolling out.

This new firmware will bring improved sound quality and functionality to users

The new update is here! It's exciting to take full advantage of your Pixel Buds with this custom equalizer.

Just update both the Pixel Buds Pro App and firmware.

With this new update, It looks like six different sound profiles will be available.

They're all tuned differently, too, as confirmed by Google. Six customization options for your listening pleasure.

Moreover, The new feature allows you to increase or decrease the volume of each earbud separately, ensuring that one is louder than another.